Voice over IP

Chapter 1 Introduction 9/23
Chapter 2 Transporting Voice By Using IP , Introduction to IETF 9/30-10/7
Homework 1 Due:
Chapter 5 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) 10/14-10/21
Lab: SIP UAs and SIP Analyzer ; RTP Monitor 10/28 Internet Protocol, 林易瑋 TCP/UDP, 黃驛翔
SIP Lab Hour 11/4
NAT Traversal 11/18
Mid-term ,Answer 12/9
Term Project
In addition to your source code, please include a "README" file which includes
  1. Description of each file.
  2. How to compile and run your program.
  3. What special features you included in your program
Mail them to "solomon" with subject "VoIP Term Project - s97325527".
Due: 1/23 (Friday) 23:59
In addition to the simple RTP streaming, you will receive bonus if you can incorporate SIP to implement a more advanced service, such as
  • SIP UA
  • Voicemail
  • Robot
  • Mixer
  • Translator

Presentation Tips

  1. Do not present RFC words by words. It would be boring.
  2. Include more figures
  3. Give examples
  4. Read related documents whenever it is necessary.
Presentation Scoring
Correctness 80%
Related Reference 10%
Examples 10%

Articles to Read

  1. R-value , E-model
  2. I-911
  3. State Status of PBX E911


  1. Query
  2. Reliability
  3. P.34 branch of CANCEL
  4. P.43 Session version
  5. P.44 udp port 45678?
  6. NAT traversal
  7. Authentication
  8. 實習 re-INVITE
  9. bandwidth of G.711, G.729
  10. STUN/ENUM/MEGACO Lab Hours