1. Time: Tuesday 18:10-21:00
  2. Classroom: TC-208
  3. Software: PuTTY, Wireshark
  4. Course Name: Named Data Networking (命名資料網路)
  5. Overview: Named Data Networking (NDN) has recently been considered as a promising paradigm for the next-generation Internet. One of the main design requirements for the NDN architectures -since the beginning of their design- has been strong security. In this course, we explores the fundamental architecture and protocols of NDN and how this new technology can efficiently defend against new forms of attacks, ensure privacy, achieve high availability, and block malicious network traffics belonging to attackers or at least limit their effectiveness.
  6. Prerequisite: Computer Networks
  7. Target Students: GP
  8. Upper-limit: 10 students
  9. Instructor: Dr. Quincy Wu
  10. TA:
  11. Credit: 3
  12. Grading Criteria: Participation (40%), Midterm Reports (30%), Final Reports (30%)


  1. Lixiz Zhang, Deborah Estrin, Jeffrey Burke, et al., “Named Data Networking (NDN) Project,” PARC, Technical Report, NDN-0001, October 2010.


  1. Introduction
  2. Challenges of Traditional Internet
  3. Anticipated Changes in Future Internet Technologies
  4. Content-Centric Networks
  5. Content
  6. Naming
  7. Interest
  8. Interest Forwarding
  9. Data Retrieval
  10. Midterm Presentation
  11. Security
  12. Applications for NDN
  13. NDN in IoT
  14. NDN in Smart Grid
  15. NDN in WSN
  16. NDN in MANETs
  17. NDN in VANETs
  18. Final Presentation

Research Issues

  1. NDN
  2. Performance Measurement
  3. Push-to-Talk

Presentation Slides

  1. Course Planning