1. Companies
    1. Oracle column-based forecast
    2. Adobe sees the big picture in fintech and retail clients
    3. Facebook Messenger now allows payments in its 30,000 chat bots
    4. Apple Pay goes live in Brazil
  2. Cities & Countries
    1. London announces fintech and crypto task force
    2. KPMG celebrates 30 years in Luxembourg
    3. Singapore is flexing its fintech muscles
    4. Indian Government Constitutes Special Committee For The Fintech Sector
    5. Fintech startups are pushing to bring Nigeria's “side hustle” economy online
  3. Unbanked
    1. Fintech Startups Partner With the Gates Foundation to Reach Billions of Unbanked in Africa and Asia
    2. 2.5 Billion People are Unbanked. Can Fintech Change That?
    3. The story behind India’s biggest banking IPO began with rural women
    4. This Chart Shows the Unequal State of Access to Fintech Services in America
    5. Can fintech solve the problems of rural Indonesians?
  4. Payment
    1. Daily FinTech "Raiden – Instant Payments Solution Built on Ethereum, March 12, 2018.
    2. Master Card, "The Global Journey From Cash to Cashless", September 15, 2013.
    3. Alipay Expands POS Presence With Poynt
    4. I sent money to a friend using Barclays’ Pingit app, but it never arrived
    5. TrueMoney Wins Payment Services License in Vietnam, Launches TrueMoney Wallet
    6. China goes live with QR payments spending cap
  5. Lending
    1. Gartner, " P2P Social Lending Networks Morph Into Investment Networks
    2. How Can Fintech Boost the Micro-loan Scene?
    3. RBI eases lending norms for microfinance companies
    4. Southeast Asian ride-hailing app Grab moves into lending space
    5. Boston Globe, "State fines LendingClub $2 million", April 3, 2018.
  6. Crowdfunding
    1. Goldman Sachs, "The Future of Finance - Socialization of Finance", March 13, 2015.
    2. Crowdfunding to offer new equity opportunity
    3. Top 15 Crowdfunding Platforms in Europe
    4. Israeli social trading co eToro raises $100m
  7. Mobile
    1. 4 things fintech startups can learn from the mobile payments boom in Cambodia
    2. Safaricom rewards M-Pesa customers with data, voice, SMS package
  8. NFC
    1. Forbes, "What's In Store For Mobile Payments In 2016", April 15, 2016.
    2. RAKBANK further diversifies its contactless facility on ATMs
    3. Business Opportunities in Billion Dollar Point of Sale (POS) Industry Expected to Reach New Levels of Revenue
  9. Robo-Advisor
    1. What Wealthfront's reported valuation drop means for indie robo advisors
    2. TipRanks To Release New Cryptocurrency Data Tool ‘CoinWatch’, March 28, 2018.
    3. Robo Advisor Reboot: Betterment Gets Personal
    4. We tried Cleo, the UK personal finance management chatbot that's currently growing rapidly in the US - here's our verdict
    5. Fidelity Investments® Acquires Emoney Advisor
  10. Bitcoin
    2. South China Morning Post, "How agents are helping investors buy into initial coin offerings, despite their ban in China", March 27, 2018.
    3. Silk Road’s mastermind Ross Ulbricht takes case to US Court of Appeals, March 13, 2018.
  11. Blockchain
    1. Gartner, "Enterprise Blockchain: Current Pitfalls, Future Potential", May 4, 2017.
    2. Japanese banks to roll out blockchain-based instant payments
    3. Goodbye cash: Central & private banks going blockchain with crypto
  12. Security
    1. Bank card fraud fears: Cloning can be carried out by STANDING CLOSE
    2. Key suspect in fake M-Pesa account probe held in Tanzania
    3. CIFAS, " Identity fraud soars to new levels", August 23, 2017.