Database Systems



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3/7 Chapter 1 Databases and Database Users
Chapter 2 Database System Concepts and Architecture
HW1 知識志 工世代 讓弱勢幫助弱勢
3/14 Chapter 3 Data Modeling Using the E-R Model PHP: Basic syntax, Variables, Constants, Expressions, Operators, Control Structures
HW2: 9x9 Multiplication Table
Quiz 1
3/21 Chapter 5 The Relational Data Model and Relational Database Constraints
PHP: User-Defined Functions, Built-In Functions
HW3: GCD (Greatest Common Divisor)
Quiz 2
龍應 台:二十一世紀大學生的「基本配備」
3/28 春季健行活動
Chapter 26 Web Database Programming Using PHP
Chapter 27 XML and Internet Databases

幸福的 起點,從off學開始
4/4 Chapter 7 Relational Database Deisgn by ER-to-Relational Mapping Quiz 3
HW4: ER-to-Relational Mapping
為什麼 要唸大學?
4/11 Mid-term Exam, Answer

4/18 Chapter 8 SQL-99: Schema Definition, Basic Constraints, and Queries
蔡英 文:3大核心能力,成就未來人才
4/25 Section 8.5 More Complex SQL Queries
Section 8.7 Assertions and Triggers
Section 8.8 Views in SQL
Quiz 4
PHP: Authentication, Cookies, Sessions
HW5: Cookie

5/2 Chapter 9 More SQL: Assertions, Views, and Programming Techhniques
迎向未 來的關鍵能力:學習知的能力
5/9 Chapter 17 Introduction to Transaction Processing Concepts and Theory
Quiz 5, Quiz 5a
PHP: Accessing MySQL Databases

5/16 Chapter 18 Concurrency Control Techniques

HW6: Testing for Conflict Serializability of a Schedule 迎向未來的關鍵能力:品格教育迎向未 來的關鍵能力:運用資訊科技
迎向未 來的關鍵能力:美感體驗
5/23 Mid-Term Exam (2) , Answer

Tool: PowerCam An Inconvenient Truth
發 表意見
6/6 Chapter 13 Disk Storage, Basic File Structures, and Hashing HW7: Hash Function

PC25 歲,施振榮談後PC時代
6/13 Mid-Term Report PHP: Graphic Drawing PowerPoint
微軟的 活力成長學
面對中國 台灣不能再混了!
中、日、台、印人才競爭 大前研一:不要等待,磨好刀,加入戰鬥
6/20 Quiz 6
「Global Korea」翻轉舊韓國
6/29 (Friday) Final Report of Term Project due at 11:59AM.


  1. HW1: Create a webpage under your account to list all the homeworks you write.
  2. Hw2: 9x9 Multiplication Table
  3. HW3: PHP functions
  4. HW4: ER-diagram
  5. HW5: Cookie for library database
  6. HW6: Testing for Conflict Serializability of a Schedule
  7. HW7: Hash Function
  8. Check whether the URLs in a webpage are effective.
  9. Fortune Telling
  10. Graduation Requirement

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