Introduction to Computer Science

  1. 學年學期Academic Year/Semester: 107學年度第1學期
  2. 課程代號Course Number: 215051
  3. 授課教師Instructor: Quincy Wu
  4. 課程中文名稱Course Title(Chinese): 計算機概論
  5. 課程英文名稱Course Title(English): Introduction to Computer Science
  6. 開課年級Grade: 1
  7. 學分數Credits: 3.0學分
  8. 上課地點Class location: 科三208 (ext. 94334492)
  9. 學生人數限制Students: 30
  10. 上課時間Class hours: 4abc
  11. 課程目標Course objectives: Introduce basic concepts of computer. Based on the concepts, programming is introduced and taught in C.
  12. 師生晤談時間及地點Instructor office hours: 2jkl
  13. 授課方式Teaching approach: Lecturing 1 hours, and exercising and discussion 2 hours.
  14. 評量方式Grading criteria:(含評量項目及所佔比例,請運用多元評量)
  15. 教科書及參考書Textbook & references:(酌列作者姓名、出版年份、書名、出版書局等資料)
  16. 課程影片: (限校內存取. 欲自校外存取請先登入 , SSL/VPN.)
  17. 教學進度(週次、授課主題、教學活動、評量方式/作業、章節)

      Part I -- Fundamental of C programming

    1. Introduction
    2. Basic Concepts
    3. Designing Programs Top Down
    4. Processing Character Data
    5. Numeric Data Types and Expression Evaluation
    6. Pointers
    7. Arrays
    8. Function and Files
    9. Two Dimensional Arrays

      part II -- Some Advanced Features of C

    10. Sorting and Searching
    11. String Processing
    12. Structures and Unions
    13. Files and Operation Systems
    14. Storage Class and Scope
  18. TA協助事項Teaching Assistant tasks 作業批改 及 協助同學現場作業寫作
  19. Programming Environment
    1. FreeBSD 11 -
      1. Editor: Nano, Vim
      2. Compiler: clang++ 4.0.0
    2. Windows
      1. IDE: Visual C++ 2017
      2. Download Visual Studio Community 2017
        Choose "Desktop development with C++" - "Visual C++ MFC for x86 and x64".
        Visual Studio 2017
      3. Difference between Visual Studio Community and other editions
  20. FAQ:
    1. Q: When I press Ctrl-F5 to run my application, the console window pops up, the program output appears and then the window quickly closes as the application exits. This makes it difficult for me to see the output. How can I prevent the window from closing immediately?
      A: Alt-F7 Configuration Properties / Linker / System. Set "Subsystem" to "Console". (If you start with an Empty Project, this leaves Subsystem unset.)
    2. Q: Where are the projects which I created?
      A: The default location is "C:\Users\yourname\source\repos".
    3. Q: When I use the "scanf()" function in my program, Visual Studio fails to compile. The error message says "This function may be unsafe. Consider using scanf_s() instead."
      Don't use "scanf_s()". It is proprietary in Visual Studio, and will make your program unable to be compiled on Linux.
      My suggestion is to put "#define _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS" at the top of your main program (before any #include).
    4. Q: I declared a 1000x1000 int array. The program was compiled correctly, but failed at run time. What's wrong?
      A: Visual Studio on reserve 1MB stack memory. You can adjust this by Project (Alt-F7) - Setting - Linker - System - Stack Reserve Size