Introduction to Computer Science

210036 計算機概論

Programming Environment

Tips for Visual C++ 2010

  1. Tools - Options - Text Editor - C++
  2. Tools - Options Projects and Solutions
  3. Alt-F7 to Open the Property Page
  4. Enable on-line help so that you can press F1 to look up the syntax of a command in Visual C++
    1. Launch Help Library Manager from the "Help" menu in your software application. Click "Help" - "Manage Help settings".
    2. After HLM launches, click "Install content from Online".
    3. Choose "Visual C++", "Visual Studio Fundamentals", "Visual Studio SDK"


  1. Q: I cannot build a new EXE file after I modified the source code, but I believe the syntax of my program is correct.
    A: Please check whether you are currently running the EXE file. If so, close the window and try to compile again. When the EXE file is running, it is locked so that Visual C++ cannot overwrite it with a new one.
  2. Q: When I tried to create a new project, I saw a pop-up window complaining "The project cannot be created ...."
    A: The error message is clear: "... because another project already exists in the folder." Try to choose a different project name and it will work.

Code Writing

  1. Draw a flowchart
  2. Prepare a test case so that you will verify when your code is complete.
  3. Keyin your code and check it is correct or not.
  4. If the outcome differs from what you expect, ask yourself why.

How will your programming assignments be evaluated



Week 1 9/18
  1. Introduction to Web Surfing
  2. Introduction to Email system
    • Concept of client/server architecture
    • 介紹三種 Mail User Agent (e.g. Thunderbird)
    • Subscribe to CS101 mailing list
  3. Compare Microsoft Office, Open Office, Google Docs

Week 2 9/25
  1. Number Representation
  2. Chapter 2: Data, Variables, and Calculations
  3. Quiz 1
9/28 (no class)
Week 3 10/2 HyRead 凌網電子書 (Lib 2F 大團體視聽室)
  1. Quiz 2
  2. Floating-Point Representation
  3. Operation on BitsPDF
 10/5 Chapter 3: Decisions and Loops
Week 4 10/9 Quiz 3
Chapter 3: Decisions and Loops (cont.)
10/12 Quiz 4
  1. Easy flow chart creation with Dia
  2. How to Create a Flow Chart in Microsoft Word

Week 5 10/16 Quiz 5
Chapter 4 Arrays, Strings
Exchange Sort
10/19 Introduction to Computer Networks by ycc

Week 6 10/23 Midterm Exam (1)

10/26 檢討考卷

Babbage designs to be digitised
五 月天 戴立忍 張芸京 與你心靈對話video
Week 7 10/30
Chapter 4 Fibonacci Sequence, Decimal to binary conversion
11/2 Quiz 6
Chapter 4: Pointer
C Pointer Tutorial

專 注─王建民成長紀實 (上)
How we Teach Introductory Computer Science is Wrong
Week 8 11/6 Quiz 7
Chapter 5: Functions
11/9 Quiz 8
  1. Draw a figure showing the sine function
Cybercrime 2.0: When the Cloud Turns Dark
年 輕人職場求生法則--閱讀空氣 (Youtube)video
Week 9 11/13 資 工達人活動
Quiz 9
Chapter 5: Passing Arguments to a Function

  1. ID Number Verification
  2. Riffle Shuffle

Microsoft announced that it intends to "retire" its MSN messenger
As Boom Lures App Creators, Tough Part Is Making a Living
第 1 集:本事,周杰倫成長記實(Youtube)video

Week 10
11/20  資工達人活動
Quiz 10
Chapter 5: Pointers as Arguments to a Function
11/23 Quiz 11
String & Time Functions [PPT]
File Functions [PPT]

Street Museumvideo
30 Amazing Remote Desktop Sharing and Screen Sharing Applications
 洪蘭:如 何提升學習效果video
Week 11 11/27
Quiz 12
Functions for Screen Handling [PPT]
  1. NCURSES Programming HOWTO
  2. Public Domain Curses Library and its User's Guide
  3. Using a DLL

11/30 Quiz 13
HW: Horse Racing (~/-\^)

張鈞甯不當傀儡 勇敢做自己video
桂綸鎂——幸福就是走難走的路video The Pi Store Opens
Week 12 12/4 NCURSES: Color and Keyboard

12/7 Midterm Exam (2)

王 浩威:給年輕人的「挫折管理」兩堂課 video
MIT 媒體實驗室創新的5把金鑰video
Week 13 12/11 Chapter 6: More about Program Structure 12/14 Sokoban HW1
迎 向未來的關鍵能力:品格教育
迎 向未來的關鍵能力:「動手做」的實踐
迎 向未來的關鍵能力:運用資訊科技
迎 向未來的關鍵能力:美感體驗
迎 向未來的關鍵能力:學習知的能力
Week 14 12/18 Quiz 14
Function Pointers and Callback Functions
Sokoban HW2
12/21 Quiz 15
 Speech - Mozilla

Browser Wars: Chrome vs. IE9 vs. Firefox
A Different Kind of Browservideo
The Mozilla Storyvideo
What is Mozillavideo
Week 15 12/25
Bubble Sort
Sokoban HW3
12/28  Quiz 16
argc, argv
Chapter 7: Defining Your Own Data Types
struct tm
HW: sort rational numbers (q/p)
印 度 —— 兩條走廊改變世界
心 靈走廊,到印度尋找自己
台 灣IT產業在印度
印 度,貧窮中的創新
印 度,台商全球化的練兵場
Week 16 1/1 Happy New Year 1/4
Quiz 17
Chapter 4: Dynamic Memory Allocation, Demo
HW: Linked List , Binary Tree
MIT Energy Scavenger Harvests Power from Light, Vibrations, and Heat
Week 17 1/8 Quiz 18
Sokoban HW4
The Sound of MusicPDF
Quiz 19
Sokoban HW5
Programming Windows TCP Sockets in C++ for the Beginner
2013: The Year of the Internet of Things
Week 18 1/15 Quiz 20
hw: Count the occurrence of English letters
1/18 Final Exam 人生的最後一堂課,該 說什麼?
Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams



  1. Logo Interpreter
  2. Scratch! Open source programming for kids
  3. ACM UVa Online Judge
  4. e-Tutor
  5. Creating C++ Console Applications in Visual Studio .NET 2003
  6. CodeGuru: Visual C++ and MFC
  7. CodeProject
  8. [TUTORIAL]How to use the MSDN Library
  9. Coding4Fun (MSDN Blogs)
  11. 線上解題系統 (NKNUSH)
  12. Advanced Programming (NSYSU)
  13. 教育部 PTC 競賽
  14. NCKU ITSA Contest
  15. Google Code University
  16. Windows Mobile Technologies (
  17. Pthread
  18. W3C Open Source Software
  19. Flowchart Drawing:
  20. Dia
  21. Dia for Windows
  22. GitHub - open source repository site using git
  23. Socket Programming


  1. 雞兔同籠
  2. BMI 轉換rh
  3. What day is January 1?
    Ref: UVA 12019
  4. Calendar
  5. 190 - Circle Through Three Points
  6. 9x9 Multiplication Table
  7. Christmas Tree
  8. Prime Number
  9. Factorization
  10. Greatest Common Divisor
  11. Sorting
  12. Matrix Multiplication
  13. Card Shuffling
  14. bool valid_variable_name(char* str): Input a string, and determine whether it is a valid variable name in C++.
  15. Use qsort() to sort n*n rational numbers. Compare its performance with your bsort().
  16. Dec2Float: 40 decimal = 0x42200000 IEEE Single Precision
  17. bwBASIC: readline, ncurse
  18. 蓊鬱錦簇科技二館 - 有蓊鬱的樹木圍繞著科技二館,使建築物融入大自然的美景中,更具生命力。
  19. 五子棋
  20. 踩地雷
  21. 光鮮亮麗的山中城堡 - 雲群波濤洶湧、山脈層巒疊嶂及蓊鬱樹木圍繞,暨南大學校園無疑是美麗的歐式莊園。


  1. Intel Labs Creating Robots of the Future
  2. 10 Ways Not to Be a Jerk Online
  3. 15 Windows Utilities You Can't Live Without
  4. The Best Free Software of 2011
  5. IBM at 100: From typewriters to the cloud