1. Course ID: 215048
  2. Course Title: CCNA Exploration 1 & 2
  3. Chinese Course Title: 網路原理與技術 (一)
  4. Instructor: Mr. Ying-Chieh Chang and Dr. Quincy Wu
  5. Target Students: Seniors, and Postgraduates
  6. Upperlimit: 15 Student
  7. Credit: 3
  8. Time: Wednesday 18:10-21:00
  9. Place: TC-208
  10. Prerequisite:
  11. Goal: The Cisco CCNA Exploration curriculum provides an integrated and comprehensive coverage of networking topics, from fundamentals to advanced applications and services, while providing opportunities for hands-on practical experience and soft-skills development. The curriculum teaches networking based on technology, covering networking concepts using a top-down, theoretical, and integrated approach – from network applications to the network protocols and services provided to those applications by the lower layers of the network.
  12. Evaluation:
  13. Textbook:
  14. Outline:

      CCNA Exploration 1

    1. Ch1. Living in a Network Centric World
    2. Ch2. Communicating over the Network
    3. Ch3. Application Layer Functionality and Protocols
    4. Ch4. OSI Transport Layer
    5. Ch5. OSI Network Layer
    6. Ch6. Addressing the Network - IPv4
    7. Ch7. Data Link Layer
    8. Ch8. OSI Physical Layer
    9. Ch9. Ethernet
    10. Ch10. Planning and Cabling Networks
    11. Ch11. Configuring and Testing Your Network

      CCNA Exploration 2

    12. Ch1. Introduction_to_Routing_and_Packet_Forwarding
    13. Ch2. Static_Routing
    14. Ch3. Introduction_to_Dynamic_Routing_Protocols
    15. Ch4. Distance_Vector_Overview
    16. Ch5. RIP (Routing Information Protocol)
    17. Ch6. VLSM and CIDR
    18. Ch7. RIPv2
    19. Ch8. Routing_Table_a_Closer_Look
    20. Ch9. EIGRP
    21. Ch10. Link-State Routing Protocol
    22. Ch11. OSPF
  15. This curriculum is available in multiple languages, including French.